Esmeralda Struyk

Digital Media Coordinator

About Esmeralda

Spend just five minutes chatting with Esmeralda and you’ll realize the same thing &Barr did — that she’s a smart cookie who knows what she’s talking about. And what exactly would that be? Digital media. Which is good, since Esmeralda assists the &Barr Digital Media Team with the planning, execution and coordination of interactive campaigns. Something she obviously does extremely well, given that she started as an &Barr intern who we apparently didn’t allow to leave. Ask her what she loves most about &Barr and she’ll say a team that feels like family and the oodles of agency pets that will wander over to her workspace for a cuddle. When she’s not at her computer helping our clients grow, Esmeralda is at the drawing board. Literally. She has stellar drawing skills that have won her numerous awards, plenty of accolades and even a bit of envy from some staff. Keep being great, Esmeralda!